31 maio 2016

This book sucks monkey balls! - she said.

When I thought about reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender, I was very attracted to the idea that someone could really understand any person's mind & feelings just by eating the food that they prepared.

It was an interesting subject to me, because when I eat pizza the only feeling that I have in my heart is happiness. I'm not a complex person, when I eating, I am over the moon. When I am preparing my food, oh gosh, I really hate preparing it. So, can you imagine me spoiling my own food by putting feelings of hate in a slice of pizza? That's why I thought Rose, the main character of the book, would be a deep and complex woman, however, she wasn't. C'mon, she was capable of seeing a person's soul! But, I dare say that she didn't even change from the beggining till the end of the book. 
I believe that seeing a character complaining about the same problems, it was really exausting. The writer gives us 14 yrs of a girl's life who became a woman and NOTHING different happens.  

So maybe you are there wondering if I would advise you to read this book and my answer  would be a HUGE no. Although, this was my first reading from the Planet 46 Book Club, I strongly believe that there are better books to be read in your list, trust me! 

I forgot to mention that this was the first book of the project A year reading the world, and the next book will be from UK ,  Childhood's end by Arthur C Clark. 

I hope my next review will be more positive and full of love LOL
Thais Okubaro

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