19 junho 2016

Click your heart

I know I was supposed to watch one movie per week, but for some strange reason, I didn't know what to watch this week and after looking at my Netflix list for hours I decided to choose something different, something new. Again, on Netflix, I was just looking for new series that could ease my mind when I saw the poster of the korean mini serie called Click your heart.

What I really liked about this story was that you can choose the end of it! Yes, that's what you read :) you can choose the end that pleases you the most. We follow this character named Min A and she is very unlucky, everybody that she gets close to suffers an accident or something worst. She moves from school to school all the time, but her reptuation keeps following her. In her adventures, she meets four different boys and she has to decide with who she is going to date. 

This mini serie has only seven episodes of 12 minutes each. And at the end of the fourth episode she decides to date one of the boys and I was like "Okay, he's cute, too!" but then, the next episode starts with her taking a different course of action and she ends up with another guy. And this idea continuous till episode seven, so you can see her with all the boys and choose the best ending. 

I thought this was very funny and creative, specially because every time that I watch a korean drama, I'm always confused about with who the girl has to end the story with and this gave me the oportunity so see her with all of them so I could decide the one that I liked the most.

As I said it, it's only seven episodes of 12 minutes each, so I watched everything at once on Netflix. And this was my choice for the week instead of watching a movie. To this light hearted story I would give 5 stars, because it promisses us to have fun and that's what happens.

I hope you guys like korean series as I do.
Thais Okubaro

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