23 junho 2016


On the past few months, I've been thinking a lot about my life and how overwhelmed I feel every single day. I've been working my ass off for some time now, and as a consequence I'm tired all the time. 

When I came up with the Mansfield Project, my idea was to organize my time and make myself available for all different kinds of activity that gave me a certain pleasure, it could be reading, watching movies, exercising... anything and then I found out that time was not my problem, because I was able to watch one movie per week and also reading a book every once and while, but I still feel tired and even though I am having more time to do what I like I still don't enjoy it. 
I'll be free, aka on vacation, in a few days, so I'm planning to rest my mind and body and besides that I'm not doing any schedules or To do lists, because sometimes it is good to wake up without knowing how many steps you should take or how many times you can go to the bathroom and if your hair is presentable or not.

Let's see what happens with my expectations vs reality in a few days. 
Thais Okubaro

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