19 junho 2016

Rosemary's baby

I decided to read this book because I'm participating of the horror marathon that's happening on Youtube. I will give my honest opinion, I'm not the kind of person who reads horror books all the time, but for this one in particular, I was very excited.

The story starts when Rosemary and her husband Guy are going to sign a contract to buy this amazing apartment in NY. One of Rosemary's friend advise her not to, because the building is surronded by weird stories, suicides and nobody knows what is going on there. 

Of course, the apartment has a great view, and as her husband is an actor and he has been well paid for some of the jobs that he has been doing, she decides to ignore her friend's advise and buy it. When she moves, she meets a girl who lives with an old couple who had helped her to get out of the streets and to stay away from drugs and bigger problems. The readers of the story, us, know that something is completely wrong with the couple from the moment that they are mentioned. I cannot say the reason, but they need Rosemary to give birth to a baby so they can successfully complete one of the Satan's mission. Yeah, that's it, Satan, himself.

The problem is that Rosemary changes her mind a lot during the whole story so I couldn't predict her actions in the end of the book. In addition to that, I wasn't awestruck with the end of the story as I thought I would be. Actually, I hate it LOL 

I didn't have time to watch the movie adaption of the novel, but I will give it a try, because I really liked the book and how all the actions happened very fast so I never got bored. And I will just complete the end of the story with my own imagination and ignore the end created for it,
I will read Childhood's end on this following week, so I hope that the end of this next book will be better.

Thais Okubaro

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