12 junho 2016

The Mansfield Project - Wrap up #1

As promissed I am here to talk about The Mansfield Project and how the first weeks went. Of course, the first seven days were amazing! Because we are more focus on the goals, we have the energy of doing something new and everything that I planned I was able to accomplish. For those who don't know, some of my goals were: read one book per and watch one movie per week, study one of the units of my japanese textbook and exercise more often. I won't be specific about my other goals, but everything went as planned. (I said I won't be specific about it, because they are about my job and also about my household chores, and I decided that this is too boring to write on my blog LOL)

On the second week, I was disapointed, because I couldn't finish the unit that I planned to study from my japanese textbook and that was when things started to get a little bit crazy. In addition to the fact that I couldn't finish the unit I felt down in the dumps and this sounds dramatic ,but it is true and I didn't finish because I didn't have time or I didn't planned my week well, it was simply because I had a lot of difficulties during this unit and the grammar was kind of hard.
That's why I am thinking about changing my study goals, I will try to achieve 6 hours of study per week, instead of just saying that I will finish an specific unit or grammar. This will stress me less and I won't pressure myself to just keep going on my studies without fully understanding it.
On the other hand, I think that my reading goals are going pretty well! I read all the books I planned so far and I didn't have problems with it. I hope I will continue this amazing job LOL and read more and more. 

I'll be back in two weeks from now to register another report about the project!
Good luck to us all,
Thais Okubaro

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