02 junho 2016

This is not a romantic movie...

Do you know thoses endless ''to watch lists'' that we have on Netflix? Because someday we are going to watch that movie, or serie, and someday we will know what is that movie about and then, time goes by and you just simply forget about it.

That's what happened to About time, a brillant movie directed by Richard Curtis, which is that kind of story that fools you by the amazing cover of a couple having their privaty moment of bliss, but it is actually what the marketing team wants to sell, because... honey, this isn't a love story. 

Don't get me wrong, it is not that I don't like romantic movies, but I believe that father & son relationships are more complex than anyone could ever think. Bill Nighty is the father of a young man called Tim, Domhnall Gleeson, and they have and specific power that passes through generation to generation, travelling in time and changing what has happened in their lifes. 

The plot envolves you and the whole idea starts really simple and it gets a lot more moving and complex as it goes. You should watch this movie during one of those lazy sunday afternoons that you have nothing else to do and it's raining outside. Get a cozy blanket, a bag of popcorn and just sit down and watch. It will be worth it.

Thais Okubaro

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