01 julho 2016

My first Aristophanes

The confusion started this week when I decided to read Clouds by Aristophanes and I swear for my life that it was by Aristoteles. Of course it wasn't because they are two completely different people, one is a philosopher, the other is a writer. And after making things clear, my reading started.

I was very excited for it, because this past month I read Medea and this reading was absolutely amazing and this was the year of the greek stories, and everything that I read I absolutely loved it. EXCEPT FOR, Clouds. 

I'm not saying that this is not a good story, but I wasn't amused by it. The plot begins with Strepsiades, a man who can't sleep because of his finacial problems. All those problems were created by his son that only worries about his horses and superficial things. To get rid of his problems he turns to Socrates and all his knowledge to try to persuate people of not paying his debts. 

At first, I thought it was funny because it reminded me how brazilian people are always trying to find a way out of their problems without accepting resposability. But then, after some pages I was like "I know every single thing that it is going to happen in this story" and I would like to be surprised by it, like I was with Medea.

I reccomend this reading, because I think part of my experience was spoiled by my high expectations, and if you like comedy, maybe you will enjoy it.

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