03 agosto 2016

War and Peace, the project

Ok, this might sound a little bit crazy after the amount of books that I showed in the last video, but I am going to start a reading project :) It is not going to be ambicious as it looks, it is going to be a five page per day idea that I think it is going to work.
The book is War and Peace by Liev Tolstoi and my expectations are pretty high. I know! I know! I am also reading Anna Karienina, but I won't let this book aside, I will continue my readings and that's why my purpose it is to read only five pages per day. So, I won't get exausted with the reading and I am also going to be able to read other books as well. 
If anyone wants to join me, feel free to do it! I'll be glad :)

That's it! This is just an introduction to the project. At the end of the month, I will comment what I thought about the first 150 pages <3
See you guys soon,
Thais Okubaro

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