12 outubro 2016

Self studying Japanese - Part I

Okay, so this is another post that I do it to keep track of what my goals are and when I want to accomplish this goals, and how... and all those questions that we do once in a while. 
I've been self studying japanese for ONE YEAR, but let me tell you something serious: I have NO discipline. That's what you read, I have NO discipline. I always start studying and at the begging everything is so easy, but when it starts to get a little bit complicated, I stop. I'm a quitter! But this time, I wanna keep it register that I am really gonna try it.

So for today's post I am going to talk about how I've learned hiragana em katakana one year ago and it continuous to show to some results, as I didn't have to memorize them again one year after.

If you don't know what hiragana and katakana is, I will simply define it as two different alphabets. They are complete different from the american or brazilian alphabet because their "alphabet" represents syllables, like ta, te, ti, to and tu.
It looks impossible to learn when you see it for the first time, because they look too different and sometimes too similar. But I can say it for sure, that it's easier than you think. 

A lot of people are against buying books to learn those two alphabets but to be honest, I think that it depends on what kind of learner you are, I am very visual, so books and different references work very well for me. I used two books: Hiragana for Begginers and Katakana for begginers combined with a series of exercises on the app Memrise. On theses books I had enough space to practice my writing and also some exercises and on Memrise I had a lot of different games to help me to memorize them.

I think that as a whole I took one month to fully comprehend and memorize all the sounds and I didn't have to study them twice ever since. And I think this should be the beginning of everybody's journey to learn Japanese, because it is not just about speaking but also writing. We have to practice all the skills when we are learning a language and this can complete your full experience pack.

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