28 outubro 2016

#THEGLEESONPROJECT - Frank and Black Mirror

Okay, so this is my first post with a double review of one episode and one movie of the #THEGLEESONPROJECT. I hope you like it!

BLACK MIRROR (2013) Be right back s02e01 - This is my advice, this episode is MINDBLOWING! This is the story of a couple and they have a happy life, the guy whose name is Ash (Domhnall Gleeson) he is kind of addicted to tecnology so he is always on his cellphone, like most people are nowadays and his girlfriend, whose name is Martha, is an artist, and they live in the country side. The story starts when the guy dies, and I'm not giving you any spoilers, this is just how the story begins. The thing is: this serie aims the subject technology, so as you can expect something very "futuristic" is going to happen and it does! 

After he passed away, a friend of Martha subscribed her in a program that helps people to overcome difficulties creating an artificial intelligence of the person who died and it sounds creepy because it is creepy. As Martha misses Ash so much, she accepts the idea and she starts being part of this program. I cannot say more about it, because it is going to spoil your experience, but I just wanna say that the best part is that the whole idea and how they create the artificial intelligent is very real and possible, so I thought that this was the best part of the plot, you kind of finish the episode with such a unexplainable sensation and thinking about that this could be possible is even weirder.

FRANK (2014) - Okay, I don't even know how to start explaining the movie LOL It's about this guy and his name is Jon Burroughs (Domhnall Gleeson, drrr), he is probably my age, 26 or 20 something, and he works every single fucking day in an office, but his dream was always to be part of a band. Right in the beggining we see his struggle to write a song and how difficult can it be for him. And one day Jon is walking and looking for inspiration and he sees this guy trying to kill himself one the beach and when he gets closer he notices that this guy is part of a band. So, Jon kind of volunteer to substitute the suicidal man in the band and the guys except it. 

The problem is that the lead singer is a guy called Frank that is ALWAYS wearing a mask. When I say always is FUCKING ALWAYS LOL So that makes the movie so ridiculously good, because you just can't tell his face expressions, and some scenes that are supposed to be dramatic are so funny and disturbing.

The movie has some comedy/drama that I really enjoy and as I am kind of lost on what I should do with my life I can easily relate to Jon, because if I could, I would quit my job and join a band or something LOL 
Of course I'm not gonna spoiled you, and I shouldn't see nothing on the internet because to me, the person behind the mask was such a surprise! I never imagined that actor doing this kind of job, so I was amazed when I found out. The end is coherent, but I finished wishing for a little bit more. In general, I would say that I recommend to those who like a good mix of comedy and drama.

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