03 novembro 2016

#PWM 3 - The new journal

Ok, so it has been while since I last post a Plan with me, and that is because I bought a new planner! Actually, this is gonna work as a planner/journal. I found myself needing a space that I could be creative, and be more personal that I was in my planner, so I bought this notebook at Liberdade/SP and I started to use it last week. I've been liking it so far, and probably my next post it is going to be to update you on how I have been using it. I won't post it weekly, because as it is more personal, some of the pages I won't be able to share it, but I will try as much as possible to take pictures, or at least comment on my experience. So I'll finish this short post with a picture of it :) I hope you like it!

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