24 janeiro 2017

My brilliant friend - Elena Ferrante

Most times, after I read a book, I come here and sit to write a book review, or something like it. Most times, I just write a brief summary and then all the mixed and amazing feelings that I felt. But this time, I am gonna do something different. 
Some weeks ago, I finished reading the novel My brilliant friend by Elena Ferrant, an Italian novelist who excel in her writing and the way to overview an entire life of a woman also called Elena. When I was looking on the internet for some sources to discuss it with you, I found a book review on the website The guardian that made my heart goes faster and that made all my feelings being translated by it. So instead of posting my opinios here, I'm going to indicate this review to you guys and I hope you like it.

The Neapolitan series, which is Ferrante’s most ambitious project to date, represents an evolution in her work. Three of the expected four novels have been published in English: My Brilliant FriendThe Story of a New Name, and, now, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay. Taken together, the novels span some 50 years, chronicling the life-long friendship between Lila Cerullo and Elena Greco. With them, Ferrante has written both a capacious story of Elena’s coming of age – Elena, who has become a novelist, is the narrator – and a social novel explicitly dealing with Italian politics and history where the earlier work confined itself to internal psychic dramas. The Neapolitan novels are set in a chaotic, impoverished neighbourhood where the Camorra reigns, in the local form of the dominant Solara brothers, Marcello and Michel, and where, during a domestic dispute, one might see an iron and furniture flying out of a window, and where even mild-mannered fathers like Elena’s routinely beat their children and their wives. (In one passage, Elena overhears Lila being beaten by her father, then sees her come flying out the window, her arm broken.)
Despite their circumstances, the girls’ brightness seems destined to set them apart. They excel in school. (To continue the review, please click here to check The Guardian's review

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