22 janeiro 2017

Quarter-life crisis or something like it

I rarely post about myself here, most times I just post something about what I've been watching or reading, but not about my personal life and how things are going. But the point is, this week I'm turning 27 yrs old and I'm slightly freaking out and this is something called quarter-life crisis.
I always had problems concerning ageing, however, things just got crazy when I turned 25.
When you are younger, you sort of think that when you get older, things will be easier, you will seatle down, you're gonna have a nice job and you will be ready to have kids and die eventually LOL but as I am approching 27, I feel like none of these situations mentioned neither has happened to me nor to my closest friends.
Brazil's economic crisis is also not helping, but apart from it, even in small events life has been pretty harsh to almost everyone that I know. It is an expectation vs reality that hits us while we are sort of pretending to know what we are doing , but we don't.
What are we supposed to do when this happens to us? What our parents did? Did they know what to do at all? Or do they pretend as hard as us? 
I feel that most of my dreams when I was younger just faded, and now when I think about those dreams they all look impossible or even ridiculous and when I see someone younger than me sharing thoughts about life in the future I just catch myself thinking horrible things like "Oh, this is not gonna happen" or even "Dreams are just dreams".
So for my 27th birthday, I wanna do something different, I wanna choose something from my top 30 things to do when I grow up list (that I made when I was 16 yrs old) and just cross it. Buy a trip to a different destination, get a large tattoo, go on a trip without a place in mind, or anything else that will keep me alive. And what about you? Do you have the same fears and thoughts?

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