27 fevereiro 2017

A super late post about the Jane Austen 200 years PROJECT

I joined a group of super nice people to read all Jane Austen's books this year and watch some movie adaptations. This project was created by Natália Carvalho (check her instagram clicking here) and there is one book selected for each month and I totally forgot to post about it here. But, guys, don't blame me LOL I am a little forgetful sometimes. If you want to joing was it is totally okay, even though we are almost in March LOL Here is the list: 

JANUARY: Sense and Sensibility
FEBRUARY: Pride and Prejudice
MARCH: Mansfield Park
MAY: Northanger Abbey
JUNE: Persuasion
JULY: Juvenilia and Short Stories
AUGUST: Lady Susan
SEPTEMBER: Longbourn
OCTOBER: Mr. Darcy's diary
NOVEMBER: The Jane Austen's book club
DECEMBER: Austenland

If you've already read any of these books, it's okay and you can watch a movie adaptation or a BBC mini series and it is just a way that the creator of this project found to make us celebrate such an important writer and I feel like this is worth it, because her stories are huge classics that speak to us till nowadays.

That's it, guys!
See you soon,

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