27 fevereiro 2017

My language books

I told you guys that I would post about my textbooks that will help me learn japanese and here I am to complete my promisse. At the beginning of my journey, I only used two textbooks which were Hiragana for Beginners and Katakana for beginners. A lot of people say that it is not necessary to use a book to learn both alphabets, and I believe it too, but those books helped my a lot. First, because I feel that it is a lot more organized to keep everything inside of a book, instead of printing a lot papers and carry them. Secondly, because there were a lot of different exercises to practice what I learnt. Finally, because both books came with a set of flashcards for Hiragana and Katakana and I think that this was what I liked the most, because it helped me so much to memorize all of them.

After that I bought Genki, the Textbook and the Workbook, and I loved it with all my heart. There is a LOT of vocabulary for each unit and that's the only down side for me, but for the rest I think it is very simple to use and on the workbook there is lots of exercises to practice the grammar and the vocabulary that I learnt. I have a lot of difficulty to do the listenings, but that's something that I struggle anyways and it is not the book's fault.

Then, I decided that I would set a goal for myself and I would get my japanese checked at the end of the year by the JLPT examination, and that's why I bought a JLPT N5 book to practice for the test when I finish my Genki book. I don't know which JLPT I am going to try at the end of the year, but I will make my best to apply to N4. 

I also bought two other books for reading and I will be honest that I didn't like them as much, because I found out that there is another reading book for beginners that it has a "dictionary" at the end of the stories with all the vocabulary that it cotains and I don't have it on my books and I feel that as a beginner, this would help me a lot. But, again, this is for practice, and I will try my best to read both books till the end of the year.

And that's it, guys! It isn't a lot, but it is helping me so much!
See guys soon,

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