04 fevereiro 2017

The backpack problem

Everybody who reads a lot of books problably has the same problem that I have: the SUPER heavy backpack. And when I get stuck in one reading, I tend to grab more than one book to keep my reading habits active. A necessaire, two books, a pencil case, my planner, that's everything that I carry and believe me, it is heavy. 
Then, two years ago, thinking about this problem, I bought an e-reader. I love my kindle and I use it all the time, in the first year, I think I read a lot of books on it, and as the years past by I noticed that I started to read less and less ebooks. From all my january readings, none of them were ebooks. The process of underlining, hilighting, writing on the pages make me feel like I can be more in the reading vibe.
So, I decided to read at least one book per month on my ereader to keep it active, to keep it always in my backpack and consequently with less things in it. 
What do you carry in your backpack? Do you have the same problem? 

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