02 abril 2017

IT - Face your fears #readingproject

It is weird how I am into big books this year! I decided to read IT after watching the trailer and the hype was so huge and the opinion of other readers influenced me so bad that I thought "Just one more book" and here we are! I don't know much about the story and I don't think that I will look for more opinions and reviews on the internet, because I wanna solve the misteries and have fun with it. 
But this journey didn't start today. I bought the book two years ago, but my fear of clowns got in the way just by looking at the brazilian cover and I've never had the balls to read it at once and with a little help of my friend Rita Zerbinatti, I'm going to face my fears and start the story. We don't have a particular plan, I just thought about reading and finishing before the movie launches and this will be something around 70 pages a week, or even less, so this might be an easy project after all.

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