04 abril 2017

Emma Watson interviews Malala Yousafzai

After reading Sense and Sensibility, I was really fragil and I caughted myself wondering a lot about the women's role in nowadays society. It is so weird to think that 200 years ago, Jane Austen wrote a book about those women that were always living and depending on their men's will. It could be a father, a husband, a cousin, but they always depended on someone and I know that we have been fighting for our causes and trying to be more open to equality, but we still have a long way to go.
Baring this in mind, I looked for Malala's story and I found this interview on Youtube which was amazingly conducted by Emma Watson, who is also an activist that has an important role on feminism matters. 
So here is my today's suggestion, watch this video and think about what is our role in all of this, because as Emma Watson said it once, if not now... when? if not me... who?

03 abril 2017

War and Peace - 1st Project Update

I'm here to give you an update of the first 238 pages of the book War and Peace by Liev Tolstoi. I still don't know how those updates are going to be, but I'm planning to write about each part of the book every two weeks and if you want to discuss with me feel free to comment on this post.

On this first 238 pages, we can have a look at  1982719279712981 characters. I'm not kidding, Liev Tolstoi takes his "let's create an entire population inside this story" very seriously. In the beginning, I decided that I would highlight the name of each new character with a pink crayon, however, it got into a point that the entire book was pink and I just lost focus of what I was doing LOL 
But basically, we have 3 important characters that I would like to emphasize: Andre, Natasha and Pierre. All of them are important for different reasons. Andre is unhappy with his marriage and it seems by now that he is going to have a big role during the war, or at least that's what it is expected. What I hate about Andre is that he is not happy with his marriage, but his wife is pregnant and he keeps treating her like shit, so I hope this character grows on me, because by now I just want him to die in the middle of the war. On the other hand, we have Pierre <3 who is socially awakard and he has some strong opinions about the war. His father passed away in the beginning of the novel so he becomes the heir of a large property and a good amount of money, so he was used to listen that he was not a good companion to young girls, and he went from "Get away from my daughter" to "I think you should dance together". And finally, Natasha who is a good and young girl, very passionate and full of dreams.

As I know, the second parte of the first book will be about the war agains Napoleon, so I'm very excited to see what happens next. And if it is like the last 238 pages, I think I'm going to have a lot of fun, because as I read this first part, I noticed that I never got tired or felt like the story was boring, or it had too many details that were not interesting, actually, everything till now has been an delightful experience.
Thet's it, guys! I'll see you guys in two weeks from now.

02 abril 2017

Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen

In the beginning of the year, I posted that I would participate of the Jane Austen 200 years project and read one book per month and I posted the list of the books here on this post. The problem was that I joined the project before it started and I had a lot of readings to catch up and also a lot of adaptations to watch. The first book of the project was Sense and Sensibility that was published in 1811 when Jane Austen was just 36 years old, and only 2 years before the publication of Pride and PrejudiceSense and Sensibility revolves around the two sisters, Marianne and Elianor Dashwood who have opposite personalities and ideals. The story begins when Mr Dashwood dies and subsequently, as his daughters were not married, his properties went to the hands of his son Jon who is married with a selfish woman that manipulates him to give a small part of his father's money to his sisters and this forces them to live far way in a small cottage. 

It's sad to see how women were treated in the past (only the past?) and how they couldn't stand by themselves and all those girls' wishes had to depend on theirs marriages and the will of the men around them. The only thing that they could hope for themselves was a good marriage that could provide them the opportunity to continue living and being themselves even though they couldn't work or the fact that they would always depend theirs lives on someone else.
I truly wish that Jane Austen could see how far we made and how far we can still go and how fond we still are of her characters and how they continue making us think about the freedom that we have to continue fighting for. 
I've already read Pride and Predujudice and I loved even more, however, I will never forget how Sense and Sensibility's characters made me feel, and how I hoped for their best.


Sense and Sensibility (movie/1995) - I enjoyed this adaptation and Kate Winslet's interpretation of Marianne, one example is how she is equally spoiled and annoying, at least to me and all her "you are not passionate enought" talk can be rude and out place sometimes

Sense and Sensibility (mini series/2008) - As much as I enjoyed the movie from 1995, I have to say that above all, I loved the tv mini series! All the characters and how it was made completed my reading experience in such a way that I would never imagine. If you didn't read the book, I will suggest you to watch while reading. Yes, that's what I said, watch while reading it, due to the fact each episode of the mini series represent one of the parts of the book (In total, there are three parts consequently three episodes). 

IT - Face your fears #readingproject

It is weird how I am into big books this year! I decided to read IT after watching the trailer and the hype was so huge and the opinion of other readers influenced me so bad that I thought "Just one more book" and here we are! I don't know much about the story and I don't think that I will look for more opinions and reviews on the internet, because I wanna solve the misteries and have fun with it. 
But this journey didn't start today. I bought the book two years ago, but my fear of clowns got in the way just by looking at the brazilian cover and I've never had the balls to read it at once and with a little help of my friend Rita Zerbinatti, I'm going to face my fears and start the story. We don't have a particular plan, I just thought about reading and finishing before the movie launches and this will be something around 70 pages a week, or even less, so this might be an easy project after all.